Sunday, August 8, 2010

Airport Authority of India Placement Paper

  The AAI written Question paper dwells of two sections first: – Non Technical, second Technical,
The first section has 4 types of questions

1. GK (General Knowledge questions)
2. General EnglishThe general english test questions are fill in the blanks type and errors
3. Reasoning
4. Other (puzzles, etc.)

Section 2:
The subjects for the section 2 are Microwave & Radar, Communication, Linear – Digital Devices, Networking (CN)
Important sample technical questions for AAI Placement Test:
Electronics (engineering), Communication, Electrical, B.Tech
What is a radar used for?
Which frequency do we use in MTI radar (COHO)?
What do you mean by CMRR of an amplifier?
Conversion related questions (binary to hexadecimal, decimal to hex)
Numericals (peak power)
What do you mean by FPGA?
In which OSI layer do we use the bridge?
Various other questions based on OSI Layer (Computer networking questions), TCP/IP protocols (multiple choice type)
Why do we use a delayed AGC?
What is VCO?
Why do we use firewalls?
What is mirroring, RAID, etc.
Relation between transmitted power & range If we increase power by 16, range increases by?
Where do we use an AGC in a circuit?

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