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Icet-2012 Question Paper

Assam Public Service Commission’s Combined Competitive (Pre) Exam

1. Habeas corpus writ is associated with
(A) anticipatory bail
(B) quashing the order of Un administrative authority
(C) an order of freedom of speech
(D) production of person before the court
Ans: (D)
2. Drip irrigation is mostly practised in India especially for
(A) tea and coffee
(B) rice
(C) wheat
(D) vegetables (Rabi crops)
Ans: (D)
3. Grey Revolution is associated with
(A) production of cement
(B) commercial production of eggs
(C) productions of sweets
(D) steel production
Ans: (A)
4. The mass of an iron piece when gets rusted
(A) may increase or decrease depending upon temperature
(B) decreases
(C) increases
(D) remain same
Ans: (B)
5. The purest form of gold is
(A) 18 carat
(B) 22 carat
(C) 24 carat
(D) 28 carat
Ans: (C)
6. The National Flood Control Programme (NFCP) for flood control in India was launched in the year
(A) 1951
(B) 1954
(C) 1947
(D) 1960
Ans: (B)
7. The Integrated Wasteland Development Programme (IWDP) is sponsored by
(B) Government of India
(C) Asian Development Bank
Ans: (B)
8. In which Indian State is the hill station Kodaikanal situated?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Rajasthan
Ans: (C)
9. Which is the longest river in Asia?
(A) River Surama
(B) River Ob
(C) River Ganga
(D) River Brahmaputra
Ans: (B)
10. What is the percentage of oxygen in the earth's crust?
(A) 92
(B) 50
(C) 61
(D) 45
Ans: (D)
11. Name the country which is known as the 'Land of Morning Calm'.
(A) Japan
(B) Korea
(C) Indonesia
(D) Canada
Ans: (B)
12. What is the precise time taken by the earth for one rotation?
(A) 24 hr
(B) 24 hr 30 min
(C) 23 hr 56 min 4.09 sec
(D) 24 hr 5 min 5.02 sec
Ans: (C)
13. The total area of Assam is
(A) 80645 km2
(B) 78438 km2
(C) 79012 km2
(D) 77901 km2
Ans: (B)
14. The largest continent in the world is
(A) Europe
(B) North America
(C) Asia
(D) Africa
Ans: (C)
15. Assam State enjoys
(A) tropical climate
(B) hot climate
(C) warm climate
(D) cold climate
Ans: (A)
16. Terai zone is situated at Assam's
(A) North zone
(B) East zone
(C) South zone
(D) West zone
Ans: (B)
17. The National Park of Assam where the rare white-winged duck (Deohanh) is found is
(A) Nameri
(B) Dibru Saikhowa
(C) Manas
(D) Orang
Ans: (A)
18. What is the name of the new island emrging out of the Bay of Bengal?
(A) Sonali
(B) Dhan Khuli
(C) Purbasa
(D) Uttara
Ans: (C)
19. Which of the following is related to international trade?
Ans: (A)
20. Of the total geographical area of Assam the total area under forest is
(A) 33 p.c
(B) 22 p.c
(C) 28 p.c
(D) 19 p.c
Ans: (B)
21. World's largest producer of gold is
(A) Saudi Arabia
(C) South Africa
(D) Canada
22. When was Mizoram converted into a Union Territory?
(A) 1969
(B) 1972
(C) 1949
(D) 1951
Ans: (B)
23. Which is the world's longest railway line?
(A) Trans-Siberian line
(B) Texas Railway line
(C) Trans-Austin line
(D) Trans-American line
Ans: (A)
24. For a healthy adult Indian, the Body Mass Index (BMI) Should be in the range of
(A) 11.51 - 18
(B) 18.5 - 24.9
(C) 25-30
(D) None of the Above
Ans: (B)
25. Black hole is an object to be found
(A) at the bottom of oceans
(B) in the sky
(C) inside a current –carrying conductor
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A)
26. Minimum velocity required by a body to escape earth’s gravitation (escape velocity) is
(A) 9.5 km/s
(B) 11.2 km/s
(C) 13 km/s
(D) 24.25 km/s
Ans: (B)
27. Which one of the following is not an operating system of computers?
(A) Sun 05
(C) GNEXT/Linux
(D) Windows NT
Ans: (A)
28. Which is the largest moon in the solar system?
(A) Ganymede
(B) Titan
(C) Lo
(D) Callisto
Ans: (A)
29. Pacemaker is implanted in heart when one of the following is defective
(A) SA node
(B) AV node
(C) Purkinje fibre
(D) Bundle of His
Ans: (A)
30. When a person is undergoing prolonged fasting, his/her urine will contain abnormal quantity of
(A) fat
(B) ketone
(C) amino acid
(D) glucose
Ans: (B)
31. Science of improving human race is
(A) eugenics
(B) epigenesis
(C) epistasis
(D) euthenics
Ans: (A)
32. A photon will have less energy, if its
(A) amplitude is higher
(B) frequency is higher
(C) wavelength is longer
(D) wavelength is shorter
Ans: (C)
33. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is mainly a mixture of
(A) propane and butane
(B) butane and isobutane
(C) propane and isobutane
(D) propane and tetralin
Ans: (A)
34. One of the elements of direct democracy is
(A) refrendum
(B) equality
(C) free and fair election
(D) universal adult franchise
Ans: (A)
35. 'Purna Swaraj' resolution of the Congress was adopted on
(A) 26th January, 1930
(B) 26th January, 1931
(C) 26th January, 1929
(D) 26th January, 1932
Ans: (A)
36. Article 80 of the Indian Constitution deals with the formation of the
(A) Rajya Sabha
(B) Lok Sabha
(C) Legislative Council
(D) District Council
Ans: (A)
37. The Fundamental Duties were incorporated into the Constitution of India on the basis of the recommendation of
(A) S.V. Singh Committee
(B) Swaran Singh Committee
(C) C. Hanumantha Rao Committee
(D) None of the above
Ans: (B)
38. In the formal sense, Panchayati Raj was established in Assam in the year
(A) 1961
(B) 1962
(C) 1963
(D) 1964
39. The Planning Commission in India was established by
(A) an act of the Parliament
(B) the Constitution of India
(C) resolution of the Central Government
(D) presidential order
Ans: (C)
40. Which of the following methods is not provided by the Citizenship Act, 1955 to acquire Indian citizenship?
(A) By birth
(B) By descent
(C) By registration
(D) By exercising right to vote
Ans: (D)
41. Which of the following types of budgeting is followed in India?
(A) Plural budgeting
(B) Cash budgeting
(C) performance budgeting
(D) Surplus budgeting
Ans: (C)
42. Which of the following Articles of the Constitution of India is related to the independence of the Union Public Service Commission?
(A) Article 323
(B) Article 324
(C) Article 325
(D) Article 326
Ans: (A)
43. Which of the following Schedules to the Constitution of India relates to languages?
(A) 7th Schedule
(B) 8th Schedule
(C) 9th Schedule
(D) 10th Schedule
Ans: (B)
44. The French philosopher Rousseau belonged to the
(A) eighteenth century
(B) sixteenth century
(C) fifteenth century
(D) seventeenth century
Ans: (A)
45. Which of the following can initiate the process of impeachment of the President of India?
(A) Any House of the Parliament
(B) The Lok Sabha alone
(C) The Rajya Sabha alone
(D) The Supreme Court of India
Ans: (A)
46. Which of the following is not a part of the financial management?
(A) Preparation of the budget
(B) Approval of the budget by the Cabinet
(C) Execution and rendering of accounts
(D) Audit and accounts of public expenditure
Ans: (C)
47. Under the Assam Panchayat Act, 1994, the quorum for the meeting of the Gram panchayat is
(A) one-half of the total number of members
(B) one-half of the total number of members present
(C) one-third of the total number of members
(D) one-third of the total number of members present
Ans: (C)
48. Who initiated the Home Rule Movement in India?
(A) Chittaranjan Das
(B) Lajpat Rai
(C) Annie Besant
(D) Maulana Azad
Ans: (C)
49. The Indus Valley Cilvilization belongs to the
(A) Palaeolithic Age
(B) Mesolithic Age
(C) Neolithic Age
(D) Chalcolithic Age
Ans: (D)
50. Who among the following was the first to visit India?
(A) Huen Tsang
(B) I-Tsing
(C) Fa-Hien
(D) Megasthenes
Ans: (D)
51. Ahalya Bai was distinguished
(A) Maratha leader
(B) Rajput leader
(C) Sikh leader
(D) Mughal leader
Ans: (A)
52. During which period did the East India Company begin to build up its territorial power in India?
(A) Beginning of the 18th century
(B) Last quarter of the 17th century
(C) Middle of the 18th century
(D) First quarter of the 19th century
Ans: (C)
53. What is the date of the Third Battle of Panipat?
(A) AD 1551
(B) AD 1661
(C) AD 1761
(D) AD 1861
Ans: (C)
54. Which Act transferred power from the Company to the Crown in India?
(A) Act of 1861
(B) Act of 1892
(C) Act of 1858
(D) Act of 1853
Ans: (C)
55. The first railway line in India was laid in
(A) 1852
(B) 1853
(C) 1857
(D) 1885
Ans: (B)
56. The slogan 'Inquilab Zindabad' was given by
(A) Chandrashekhar Azad
(B) Muhammad Iqbal
(C) Bhagat Singh
(D) Mahatma Gandhi
Ans: (B)
57. Which of the following events can be ascribed to the year 1919?
(A) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
(B) Partition of Bengal
(C) Permanent Settlement of Bengal
(D) Subsidiary Alliance
Ans: (A)
58. In 1826, the Treaty of Yandaboo was sigried by which the British practically occupied Assam from the Burmese, In which year was Burma annexed by the British?
(A) 1837
(B) 1826
(C) 1864
(D) 1891
59. Who wrote 'Vande Matram'?
(A) Muhammad Iqbal
(B) Sarat Chandra Chatterjee
(C) Bankim Chandra Chaterjee
(D) Rabindra Nath Tagore
Ans: (C)
60. The earliest historical dynasty of Assam was that of the
(A) Palas
(B) Varmans
(C) Narakas
(D) Salastambhas
Ans: (B)
61. The first tea company established in Assam was
(A) Jorhat Tea Company
(B) Assam Company
(C) Assam-Bengal Tea Company
(D) None of the above
Ans: (B)
62. The Indian National Congress was founded during the viceroyalty of
(A) Lord Canning
(B) Lord Dufferin
(C) Lord Amherst
(D) Lord Curzon
Ans: (B)
63. 'Do or Die' was the slogan during
(A) the Swadeshi Movement
(B) the Non-Cooperation Movement
(C) the Civil Disobedience Movement
(D) the Quit India Movement
Ans: (D)
64. Which of the following Land Settlement Systems was followed in Assam?
(A) Ryotwari
(B) Zamindari
(C) Mahalwari
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A)
65. A. O. Hume was a
(A) scientist
(B) social worker
(C) civil servant
(D) military commander
Ans: (C)

66. The capital of British India was shifted to Delhi in the year
(A) 1908
(B) 1911
(C) 1937
(D) 1947
Ans: (B)
67. Indian National Army was headed by
(A) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
(B) General Cariappa
(C) A. G. Khan
(D) M. N. Roy
Ans: (A)
68. The Swadeshi Movement started during
(A) Anti Bengal Partition Movement
(B) Non-Cooperation Movement
(C) Civil Disobedience Movement
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A)
69. If the deepest parts of the ocean are about 10 kilometers and the radius of the earth is about 6400 kilometers, then the depth of the ocean would represent what percentage of the earth's radius?
(A) Less than 1%
(B) About 5%
(C) About 10%
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A)
70. How are latitude and Iongitilde lines drawn on a globe of the earth?
(A) Latitude lines are parallel and longitude lines meet at the equator
(B) Longitude lines are parallel and latitude lines meet at the equator                   
(C) Latitude lines arc parallel and longitude linea meet at the poles
(D) longitude lines are parallel and latitude lines meet at the poles
Ans: (C)
71. Which radioactive isotope is most useful for nuclear power generation?
(A) Uranium-238
(B) Uranium-235                           
(C) Carbon-14
(D) Rubidium-87
Ans: (A)
72. The third most abundant gas in the atmosphere is
(A) argon
(B) carbon dioxide
(C) helium
(D) hydrogen
Ans: (A)
73. Where is the headquarters of WTO?
(A) New York
(B) Geneva
(C) Rome
(D) Paris
Ans: (B)
74. Who authored the book, India from Midnight to Millennium?
(A) Khushwant Singh
(B) Mira Nair
(C) Sashi Tharoor
(D) Arun Jaitley
Ans: (C)
75. The first regular census in India was carried out in the year
(A) 1861
(B) 1881
(C) 1901
(D) 1911
Ans: (B)
76. Who was the first Secretary-General of UNO?
(A) Dag Harnrnarakjcld
(B) U Thant
(C) Trygve Lie
(D) Javier Perez de Cuellar
Ans: (C)
77. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is Located at
(A) Trombay
(B) Kalpakkam
(C) Tarapore
(D) Jaduguda
Ans: (B)
78. The Bhakra Dam is located in
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) Haryana
(C) Punjab
(D) Uttar Pradesh
Ans: (A)
79. Which planet takes more time to complete one rotation on its axis than to complete one revolution around the sun?
(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Mars
(D) Jupiter
80. Who chairs the Planning Commission in India?
(A) The President of India
(B) The Vice-President of India
(C) The Prime Minister of India
(D) None of the above
Ans: (C)
81. Sanjukta Panigrahi was the popular exponent of which Indian clasaical dance form?
(A) Kathak
(B) Kathllkali
(C) Bharat Natyam
(D) Odissi
Ans: (D)
82. Swine flu is caused by
(A) bacteria
(B) virus
(C) protozoa
(D) fungi
Ans: (B)
83. How many members are there in the Rajya Sabha from Assam?
(A) 7
(B) 5
(C) 8
(D) 6
Ans: (A)
84. The States which have common boundaries with Bangladesh are
(A) Bihar, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam
(B) Manipur, Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal
(C) West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mijoram
(D) Manlpur, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura
Ans: (C)
85. The average gradient of the Brahamaputra within Assam is
(A) 18 cm/km
(B) 20 cm/km
(C) 13 cm/km
(D) 10 cm/km

86. Find the odd pair out,
(A) Dheer beel : Dhubri district
(B) Khamrenga beel : kamrup (M)
(C) Tamranga beel : Bongaigaon district
(D) Mer beel : Jorhat district

87. Clouded leopard and capped langur are important animals of
(A) Manas National Park
(B) Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary
(C) Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
(D) Boronodi Wildlife Sanctuary

88. The slogan of the Commonwealth Games-2010 held in New Delhi was
(A) Get out and play
(B) Come here and play
(C) Come out and play
(D) Jiyo Utho Badho
Ans: (C)
89. The per capita income of Assam been calculated to be as
(A) Rs. 14,500
(B) Rs. 11,600
(C) Rs. 10,200
(D) Rs. 8,300

90. The National Highway 1 connects
(A) New Delhi and Mumbai
(B) Kolkata and Amritsar
(C) Jammu and New Delhi
(D) Srinagar and Thiruvananthapuram

91. Which one of the following States is not touched by Tropic of Cancer?
(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Mizoram
(C) Bihar
(D) Chhattisgarh
Ans: (D)
92. The famous fort sonar killa is located at
(A) Jaipur
(B) Jaisalmer
(C) Jodhpur
(D) Bikaner
Ans: (B)
93. Which one of the following is not a tributary to the Indus?
(A) Beas
(B) Chambal
(C) Chenab
(D) Ravi
Ans: (B)
94. Sardar Sarobar Dam is constructed on river
(A) Sutlej
(B) Saraswati
(C) Narmada
(D) Godavari
Ans: (C)
95. Bermuda Triangle is located in
(A) Caribbean Sea
(B) Gulf of Mexico
(C) Gulf of Guinea
(D) Persian Gulf
Ans: (A)
96. Waterloo is located in
(A) Belgium
(B) France
(C) England
(D) Switzerland
Ans: (A)
97. The vast grassland of Australia is known as
(A) Prairie
(B) Steppe
(C) Veld
(D) Down
Ans: (D)
98. Which Strait divides Europe from Africa?
(A) Bosporus
(B) Bering
(C) Dover
(D) Gibraltar
Ans: (D)
99. Who Was awarded the Man of the Series in Cricket World Cup, 2011?
(A) M. S. Dhoni
(B) Tilakratne Dilshan
(C) Yuvraj Singh
(D) Kurnara Sangakara
Ans: (A)
100. First Indian to win the gold medal in men's singles tennis at the Asian Games was
(A) Leander Paes
(B) Rohan Bopanna
(C) Somdev Devvarman
(D) Mahesh Bhupathi
Ans: (C)

MPSC Police Sub Inspector Preliminery Examination- 2012

MPSC Police Sub Inspector Preliminery Examination- 2012

MPSC Sales Tax Inspector Preliminery Examination- 2012

MPSC Sales Tax Inspector Preliminery Examination- 2012


Mpsc Asst Preliminary Exam 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


(Exam Held On: 14-06-2012)

1.Which mineral of the following is associated with the "JHAMAR-KOTRA" Regions in Rajasthan:
1) Lead and zinc
2) Manganese
3) Rock Phosphate
4) Silver
Ans: 3
Tip: RSMML operate for the mining of Rockphosphate ore. It operates one of the largest and fully mechanised mines in the country at Jhamarkotra, 26 Kms. from Udaipur and Kanpur Group of Mines located 15 Kms. from Udaipur.

2) The production of food grains in rajasthan in the year 2010-11 was highest after independance, it was:
1) 250 Lakh tonne
2) 235 Lakh tonne
3) 210 Lakh tonne
4) 192 Lakh tonne
Ans: 2 ( 235.61 Tonne)

3) Desert Development Programme is being implemented in 16 District of rajasthan. This programme is being fonded:
1) 100% by Govt. of India
2) 100% by Rajasthan Govt.
3) In the ratio of 50:50 by both the govt.
4) 75% by Govt. of India, 25% by Rajasthan Govt.
Ans: 4
Tips: From 1st April , 1999, the Desert Development Programme is being funded on the basis of 75:25.

4) Match the following:
A. Sharia                                 1. Marwar
B. Kathodi                               2. Abu Road
C. Garasia                               3. Mewar
D. Rabaries                             4. Baran
                                              5. Banswara
Ans: 3 (A-4, B-3,C-2,D=1)

5) "Tripitaka" Texts are related with which religion:
1) Vedic Religion
2) Buddhism
3) Jainism
4) Shaivism
Ans: 2
Tips: Tripiṭaka is a traditional term used by various Buddhist sects to describe their various canons of scriptures. A Tripiṭaka traditionally contains three "baskets" of teachings: a Sūtra Piṭaka, a Vinaya Piṭaka and an Abhidharma Piṭaka.

6. Who is considered as the first Modern Man of India?
1) Nana Saheb
2) A. O. Hume
3) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
4) Swami Vivekanand
Ans: 3

7. Who was first woman President of the Congress?
1) Kadambini Ganguli
2) Sarojini Naidu
3) Annie Besant
4) Kamla Nehru
Ans: 3   
Tips: Annie Besant was the first woman President of Indian National Congress. She presided over the 1917 Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress. Annie Besant was of Irish origin and was one of the few foreigners who played a significant role in the Indian freedom movement. 

8. In which battle did Maharana Sanga defeat Ibrahim Lodi?
1) Battle of Khatoli
2) Battle of Sarangpur
3) Battle of Siwana
4) Battle of Khanua
Ans: 1
Tips: In Battle of Khatoli (1517), Rana Sanga defeated Ibrahim Lodi while During Battle of Khanwa (1527) Babur defeated Rana Sanga.

9. Which Rajput ruler continued his struggle for independence against Mughals and did
not surrender?

1) Raja Raisingh of Bikaner
2) Rao Chandrasen of Marwar
3) Raja Bharmal of Amber
4) Maharana Amar Singh of Mewar
Ans: 2

10. Identify the incorrect pair amongst the following relating the freedom fighters of
Rajasthan with the area of their activities

1) Arjun Lal Sethi : Udaipur
2) Jai Narayan Vyas : Jodhpur
3) Kesari Singh Barhath : Mewar
4) Govind Giri : Vagad

11. Which amongst the following place was not a centre of the revolution of 1857 in

1) Ajmer
2) Jaipur
3) Neemuch
4) Auwa
Ans: 2

12. Which of the following areas were integrated at the seventh stage (1 November 1956) of the integration of Rajasthan?
1) Matsya Sangh
2) Jaipur
3) Sirohi
4) Ajmer and Abu
Ans: 4

13. Identify the incorrect pair about the dialects of Rajasthan and the area of their prevalence:
1) Tonk : Dhoondhari
2) Pali : Bagadi
3) Baran : Hadoti
4) Karauli : Mewati
Ans: 1

14. Who is the author of Prithviraja Vijaya?
1) Chand Bardai
2) Prithviraj Chauhan
3) Jayanak
4) Nayanchand Suri
Ans: 3

15. Which category of Rajasthani Literature is related to story or narrative genre?
1) Vat
2) Veli
3) Vachanika
4) Vigat
Ans: 1

16. Identify the incorrect pair relation the folk dances of Rajasthan with their area of revalence:
1) Gindar dance : Shekhawati
2) Dhol dance : Jalor
3) Bamarasia dance : Bikaner
4) Dandia dance : Marwar
Ans: 3

17. What is the name of the famous folk drama of Bhils?
1) Gavari
2) Swang
3) Tamasha
4) Rammat
Ans: 1

18. Gopiji Bhatta is related with which folk drama style of Rajasthan?
1) Tamasha
2) Swang
3) Rammat
4) Nautanki
Ans: 2

19. Where is the temple of folk deity Mallinathji located?
1) Tilwara (Barmer)
2) Nagala Jhaz (Bharatpur)
3) Santhu village (Jalor)
4) Panchota village (Jalor)
Ans: 1

20. Which amongst the following is not as folk goddess of Rajasthan?
1) Chhink Mata
2) Karani Mata
3) Auwari Mata
4) Hidimba Mata
Ans: 4

21. Which is the famous centre of "Blue Pottery" in Rajasthan?
1) Bikaner
2) Dungarpur
3) Jaipur
4) Jaisalmer
Ans: 3

22. Identify the incorrect pair amongst the following:
1) Beneshwar Fair : Dungarpur
2) Badshah Fair : Beawar
3) Maru Mahotsava : Barmer
4) Gautameshwar Fair : Sirohi
Ans: 3
Tips: Maru Mahotsav is held yearly in Jaisalmer.

23. "Tarabhant ki Odhani" is the popular costume of which category of women in Rajasthan?
1) Rajpur women
2) Gurjar women
3) Adivasi women
4) Jat women
Ans: 3

24. Which of the following is not a sub-dialect of Marwari?
1) Bikaneri
2) Nagarchol
3) Jodhpuri
4) Thali
Ans: 1

26. In which year Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood was started?
1) 2002
2) 2004
3) 2005
4) 2007
Ans: 3

27. According to 2007 Livestock Census the total number of livestock in Rajasthan is:
(1) 491 Lakh
(2) 547 Lakh
(3) 579 Lakh
(4) 484 Lakh
Ans: 3

28. Where first Solar Park in Rajasthan will be established?
1) Balotra (Barmer)
2) Badla (Jodhpur)
3) Pokaran (Jaisalmer)
4) Shergarh (Jodhpur)
Ans: 3

29. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
1) Wells and Tubewells are the main sources of irrigation in Rajasthan.
2) The construction of Gang Canal was completed in 1927.
3) The water of Indira Gandhi Canal is only used for irrigation.
4) 'Khadin' is a traditional method of water conservation in arid Rajasthan.
Ans: 3 (IG Canel is also used to provide drinking water to Jodhpur and villages)

30. The Solar Policy was announced first time by the Government of Rajasthan in the year:
1) 2011
2) 2010
3) 2009
4) 2008
Ans: 1

31. What is true with the present position of revenue account in the budget of Rajasthan?
1) Revenue deficit is alarming.
2) Revenue deficit is under control.
3) Revenue deficit is less than other neighbouring states.
4) There is revenue surplus.
Ans: 2

32. Which of the following institutions has been playing a leading role to promote generation of non-conventional energy in Rajasthan?
2) The Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation
3) The Rajasthan Non-conventional Energy Corporation
4) The Rajasthan Non-conventional Power Generation Corporation
Ans: 3

33. Indicate the share of industries in GSDP of Rajasthan in 2010-11 at 2004-05 prices.
1) 13%
2) 18%
3) 24%
4) 30%
Ans: 3

34. The main objective of Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) is:
1) to provide free houses to BPL families.
2) to provide free houses to SC/ST families.
3) to provide interest free loan for construction of houses in rural areas.
4) slum free India.
Ans: 4

35. Which of the following bear responsibility for the planning, execution and implementation of MGNREG schemes?
1) Gram Sabha
2) Gram Panchayat
3) State Government
Ans: 4

36. The Rajasthan Govt. announced in the budget 2012 to set-up a hydrology and water management institute. In which of the following district, it is being established?
1) Jodhpur
2) Jaisalmer
3) Bikaner
4) Kota
Ans: 3

Q. 38. RIICO has developed for Agro food parks to promote
1) exports of agricultural commodities.
2) investment in agriculture.
3) agro-based industries.
4) food – storage facility.
Ans: 3

Q 39. Which of the following river originate from M.P. and drops its water into the Gulf
of Khambhat? Exam Results
1) The Parvati
2) The Luni
3) The Mahi
4) The Javai
Ans: 3

Q 40. Hon’ble CM’a seven point programme is related to:
1) Rural development of Rajasthan
2) Empowerment of women in Rajasthan
3) Eradication of poverty in Rajasthan
4) Agricultural development of Rajasthan
Ans: 2

Q 41. Match the following:
Item             Districts
A. Namda      1. Jaipur
B. Doria         2. Tonk
C. Ajaraka     3. Barmer
D. Marble  sculpture 4. Bikaner
                      5. Kota
Ans: 1 (A-2, B-5,C-3,D-1)

Q 42. In Rajasthan, there is great potential of bio-mass energy because of:
1) Availablity of desert area
2) Availability of sun-heat
3) Availability of live stock
4) Availability of mustard Husk
Ans: 3

Q 43. Consider the following statements: In Rajasthan, development of Gas based power plants becomes most appropriate and preferred option for meeting the peak energy demand on following grounds –
A) The state has no coal reserves.
B) It is most renewable source of energy.
C) Hydro potential has already been exploited.
D) Gas based power plants need less water compared to coal based power plant.
1) (A) and (D) are correct
2) 2) (A), (C) and(D) are correct
3) (A), (B) and (C) are correct
4) Only (A)( and (C) are correc
Ans: 2

Q 45. Dholpur Power Project will be based on:
1) Lignite
2) Water
3) Solar
4) Gas
Ans: 4

Q. 46 Linseed (ALSI) us a rich source of :
1) Vitamin C
2) Omega-3 Fatty Acid
3) Essential Amino Acids
4) Antioxidants
Ans:   2
Tips: Its high levels of α-Linolenic acid (a particular form of Omega-3 fatty acid), it is used as a nutritional supplement.

Q. 47 The latest technique used to establish identity of a human being based on biotechnological principals is:
1) Biometrix Analysis
2) Genome sequencing
3) DNA finger printing
4) Karyotyping
Ans: 3

Q. 48 In Microwave oven, the microwave tube used is:
1) A Combination of klystron and magnetron tube
2) Kelystron Tube
3) Magnetron Tube
4) Travelling Wave tube

Q. 49 In fiber optics communication the signal travels in the form of:
1) Light wave
2) Radiowave
3) Mircrowave
4) Electric Wave
Ans: 1

Q. 50 The optimum sound level for human being is:
1) 90 db
2) 60 db
3) 120 db
4) 100 db
Ans: 2

Q. 51 Biodiversity day is celebrated on:
1) 29 December
2) 27 June
3) 28 February
4) 30 January
Ans: 1  
Tips: This question need more DISCUSSION as United Nations celebrates May 22 as International Day for Biological Diversity while some country also have celebrations on 29 December. So for this question the answer will be 29 December.

52. A Bio-technique in which Ultrasonic sound is used:
1) Sonography
2) ECG
3) EEG
4) X-RAY

53. Daily energy required by a hard worker man is
1) 3000 Kilocalories
2) 2700 Kilocalories3) 4000 Kilocalories
4) 6000 Kilocalories
Ans: 3

54. Arrange the following countries in the descending order according to their area and select the correct answer using code given below:
1) Brazil
2) Canada
3) China
4) USA
Tips: Answer Need more DISCUSSION. The correct answer is Canada(9.98), USA(9.63), China(9.59), Brazil(8.51) while India(3.28).
55. Which one of followin is not a correct match
1) Finland - Helsinki
2) Bolivia - La Paz
3) Ehiopia - Lusaka
4) Ukraine - Kiev
Ans: ?
56. Syr and Amu Rivers are flow into:
1) Caspian Sea
2) Black sea
3) Baltic Sea
4) Aral sea
57. Which mountain form boundary between Spain and France
1) Jura
2) Pyrenees
3) Carpathians
4) Caucasus
Ans: ?
58.  Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below
1) Canada - 1) Lagos
2) Greece  2) Damascus
3) Nigeria 3) Toronto
4) Syria 4) Athens
Ans: 3. Canada-Toronto, Greece-Athens, Nigeria-Lagos, Syria-Damascus
59. Which continent is knwon as "Cradle of Mankind" ?
1) Asia
2) Africa
3) Europe
4) South africa
Ans: 2
60. In which year the wildlife protection act was introduced in India ?
1) 1962
2) 1970
3) 1972
4) 1982
Ans: 3

61. Which one of the following is not a Project Tiger Reserve in India ?
1) Dudhwa
2) Chilka
3) Kanha
4) Manas
Ans: 2
Tips: Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary at Puri, Orrisa is known for Bird and Fish reserve Project, Not a Tiger Project.

62. Which one of the following is the main cause of the ecological imbalance in India:
1) Deforestation
2) Desertification
3) Floods and Famines
4) Rainfall variations
Ans: 1

63) Which one of the following is the highest aravali peak ?
1) Sajjangarh
2) Lilagarh
3) Kumbhalgarh
4) Taragarh
Ans:  4

64. In which region of rajasthan ravines are found ?
1) Banas Basin
2) Mahi basin
3) Luni Basin
4) Chambal Basin
Ans: 4

65. In which region of Rajasthan Entisol Group of soils are found ?
1) Eastern
2) Western
3) South-Eastern
4) Southern
Ans: 2

66. In which district of Rajasthan "KHAS" grass is grown ?
1) Kota, Bundi and Jhalawar
2) Dholpur, Karauli and Alwar
3) Ajmer, Banswara and Chittorgarh
4) Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur and Tonk
Ans: 4

67. Which one of the followin is not a cause of Desertification in Rajasthan ?
1) Overgrazing
2) Deforestation
3) Urbanization
4) Improper soil and water Management
Ans: 3

68. The two important Beryllium producing district of Rajasthan are:
1) Udaipur and Jaipur
2) Alwar and Jhunjhunu
3) Nagour and Pali
4) Sirohi and Dungarpur
Ans: 4

69. Who is the chairman of Joint Parliament Committee set up to look into the 2G Spectrum Scandel ?
1) Murli Manohar Joshi
2) PC Chacko
3) AB Bardhan
4) Sita ram Yechury
Ans: 2

70. In which state the Indian Union, the govt. encouraged a Private militia(Selva Judum) and whose action was invalidated by Supreme Court ?
1) Orissa (Odisha)
2) Chhattisgarh
3) MP
4) West Bengal
Ans: 2

71. In which game Saina Nehwal earned international recognition and was awarded the Rajiv gandhi Khel Prize in 2012 ?
1) Tennis
2) Table tennis
3) Badminton
4) Swimming
Ans: 3

72. Who was honored with Bharat Ratna in 2009 ?
1) Pandit Ravi Shankar
2) Lata Mangeskar
3) Bismillah Khan
4) Bhimsen Joshi
Tips: In 2009, Bharat ratna was not awarded, the last Bharat Ratna was awarded to Bhimsen Joshi(2008), Lata Mangeshkar(2001),  Bismillah Khan(2001) and Pt. Ravishankar(1999).

73. With which subject the 97th Constitution Amendment Act of 2012 is concerned ?
1) Free and compulsory education of children till the age of 14 year
2) Organization and working of co-operative societies
3) Stringent measures to deal with terrorism
4) Provision of Lok Pal to prevent corruption
Ans: 2
Tips: 97th amendment to the Indian constitution, which makes the right to form cooperative societies a fundamental right under Article 19(1)(c) [now, the right to form “associations or unions or cooperative societies” (emphasis supplied)]. The amendment also inserts a new directive principle into Part IV of the constitution, Article 43B, which reads: “The State shall endeavour to promote voluntary formation, autonomous functioning, democratic control and professional management of cooperative societies”. The website says that the amendment came into force on January 12, 2012
For More visit:

74. Which artist associated with Music was honored with Rajasthan Ratan Posthumously ?
1) Khem chand Prakash
2) Mohd. Rafi
3) Jagjit Singh
4) Bhupen Hazarika
Ans: 3

75. Who got membership of Rajya Sabha by Presidential Nomination in 2012
1) Mayawati
2) Jaya Bachhan
3) Hema Malini
4) Anu Agha
Ans: 4

76. In March 2012, in which state of India, the election commission countermanded the Rajya Sabha Elections ?
1) Uttar Pradesh
2) Jharkhand
3) Uttarakhand
4) Madhya Pradesh
Ans: 2

77. Against which judge the Rajya Sabha Passed the Motion of impeachment in 2011, but he resigned to save himself before it could be passed by the Lok sabha ?
1) Justice V Ramaswami
2) Justice Bhattacharya
3) Justice Soumitra Sen
4) Justice PD Dinakaran
Ans:  3

78. Which maoist leader was finished by Security forces in 2012 ?
1) Veerappan
2) Charu Majumdar
3) Kishanji
4) Kanu Sanyal
Ans: 3

79. In which country the Arab spring witnessed its inauguration in 2011 ?
1) Egypt
2) Tunisia
3) Libya
4) Yeman
Ans: 2

80. Which new state came into being in 2011 ?
1) East Timor
2) West sahara
3) North Korea
4) South Sudan
Ans: 4

81. Where the 17th Conference of the SAARC held in 2011 ?
1) Dhaka
2) Male
3) Thimpu
4) Colombo
Ans: 2

82. With which country India signed 2+2 Treaty in 2010 ?
1) USA
2) Russian federation
3) China
4) Japan
Ans: 3

83. Which country's resolution was supported by India in UN human right council that condemmed suppression of Tamil  Militants in Sri Lank ?
1) China
2) America
3) Russian Federation
4) Britain
Ans: 2 

84. With which country India signed a treaty in 2011 for the exploration of Oil resources in South China Sea ?
1) Australia
2) Vietnam
3) China
4) Japan
Ans: 2
Tips: State run ONGC to begins Oil exploration and production activities in the South China Sea despite Chinese opposition.ONGC’s plan to develop oil blocks in the South China Sea allocated to it by Vietnam. 

85.Where was the 15th Conference of the Non-Aligned nations in 2009 ?
1) Durban
2) Havana
3) Sharm-el-Sheikh
4) Kuala Lampur
Ans: 3

86. On which date in 2012 Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Celebration at Jaipur was inaugurated ?
1) 5 January
2) 7 January
3) 9 January
4) 11 January
Ans:  3
Tips: Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is an annual event jointly organized by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) to mark the contribution of overseas Indian community in the development of India. Jaipur host 10th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas from 7th to 9th January 2012.

87.  Which party got notable success in the parliamentary elections under the leadership of Suu Kyi held in Myanmar in 2012 ?
1) Democratic Party
2) League for Democracy
3) National League
4) National League for democracy
Ans: 4
Tips: Aung San Suu Kyi is a Burmese opposition politician and General Secretary of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Burma.

88.Which India has been elected as a Judge of the International Court of Justice in 2012 ?
1) Nagendra Singh
2) B.N. Rau
3) Dalveer Bhandari
4) Dinkar Lal Bhandari
Ans: 3

89. If all the plants and trees vanish from the earth, the gas which will decreases is:
1) Caron dioxide
2) Nitrogen
3) Water vapour
4) Oxygen
Ans: 4 

90. Dynamo is a Machine which is used for:
1) Conversion of High Voltage to low voltage
2) Conversion of Low Voltage to high voltage
3) Conversion of Electrical energy to Mechanical energy
4) Conversion of Mechanical Energy to Electrical energy
Ans:  4

91. DRY ICE is:
1) Frozen Ice
2) Frozen Carbon dioxide
3) Frozen water
4) Frozen oxygen

92. The Halogen being used as Analgesic is:
1) Chlorine
2) Bromine
3) Iodine
4) Fluorine
Ans: 2

93. The IC Chip used in computer is made of:
1) Copper
2) Silicon
3) Steel
4) Plastic
Ans: 2

94. The first metal used by Man was:
1) Gold
2) Silver
3) Copper
4) Iron
Ans: 3

95. A 100 Watt electric bulb is used for 10 Hr. What will be the cost of Electricity consumed, if the consuption cost is Rs. 5 per unit ?
1) Rs. 5
2) Rs. 10
3) Rs. 25
4) Rs. 50
Ans: 1
Tips: As we Know 1 Unit = 1000 Watt. So total consumption in 10 Hr is 100W*10 = 1000 Watt or 1 KW or 1 UNIT, So Total cost will be 1*5 = Rs. 5.

96. Which of the following is the best conductor of Electricity ?
1) Aluminium
2) Copper
3) Silver
4) Gold
Ans: 3

97. Ozone layer is above the earth crust around ?
1) 50 KM
2) 300 KM
3) 2000 KM
4) 20 KM
Ans: D
Tips: The ozone layer is mainly located in the lower portion of the stratosphere from approximately 20 to 30 kilometres above Earth, though the thickness varies seasonally and geographically.

98. The Saliva helps in the digestion of :
1) Starch
2) Proteins
3) Fibres
4) Fat
Ans: 1

99. In Television Broadcast, the picture signals are transmitted by:
1) Ampliture Modulation
2) Frequency Modulation
3) Phase Modulation
4) Angle Modulation
Ans: 1

100. The cooling by a desert Coolar is based on:
1) Hot air replacement
2) Air dehydration
3) Evaporative Cooling
4) Air Rehydration
Ans: 4

Note: Please Note that these Solutions are not Official RPSC Key. If any solution need Correction or having any Confusion, Please Post query under comment.

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SSC Graduate Level Tier -I Exam 2011 Ist Shift Solved Paper


Monday, June 4, 2012


1.  1 Fourth buddhist council held in Kashmir under emperor:
A. Ashoka
B. Kala Ashok
C. Kanishka
D. Ajatshatru
Ans: C
Fourth Buddhist Council was held in the Sarvastivada tradition, said to have been convened by the Kushan emperor Kanishka, in 78 AD at Jalandhar or in Kashmir.
2. Which place is situated between valley of Ghagghar and its tributaries:
A. Aalamgirpur
B. Lothal
C. Mohan Jodaro
D. Banawali
Ans: D
3. During Mourya period the Tax on Land was collected by officer:
A. Agronomai
B. Shulka-adhyaksha
C. Sita- Adhyaksha
D. Aka-Adhyaksha
Ans: C
4. During Gupta Period, Gujarat, Bengal, Deccan and Tamil is center of:
A. Cloth Production
B. Jewellary
C. Handicrafts
D. Afeef cultivation
Ans: A
5. During Sangam period Kon, Ko and Mannan is synonyms of:
A. Prime Minister
B. Finance Minister
C. Army Chief
D. King
Ans: D
6. "Ashta Diggaj" name is used for king:
A. Shivaji
B. Krishna dev rai
C. Rajendra -I
D. Yashovardhan
Ans: B

7. First Murti-Pooja(idol worship) in India was done for:
A. Brahma
B. Vishnu
C. Buddha
D. Shiv
Ans: C
8. Write of Book "Kitab-Ul-Hind" is:
A. Hasan Nizami
B. Minhas us siraj
C. Albaruni
D. Shams-A-Siraj afif
Ans: C
9. During Akbar period Land revenue system "Ain-A-Dahsala" was developed by"
A. Shahnawaj Khan
B. Abdul rahim Khankhana
C. Todarmal
D. Mullah Do Pyaja
Ans: C
10. "God know only good things of Human not his Caste, In next world there will not be any caste" This belongs to which scent:
A, Ramanand
B. Dadu
C. Nanak
D. Ramanuj
Ans: C
11.First three Universities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Madras) was etablished in year:
A. 1857
B. 1881
C. 1885
D. 1905
Ans: A
12. 1924 Congress adhiveshan was held under chairmanship of Mahatma Gandhi at:
A. Gaya
B. Amritsar
C. Belgaon
D. Kanpur
Ans: A
13. On 14th July 1942, "BHARAT CHODO ANDOLAN" was passed at:
A. Bombay
B. Vardha
C. Lucknow
D. Tripura
Ans: A
14. 19th century's main Parsi Socialite is:
A. Jamshed Ji
B. Rustam Bahramji
C. Nawaji Tata
D. Bahramji M Mallbari
15. Find the Unmatched from following:
A. Mahi Bajaj sagar - Gujarat and Rajasthan
B. Chambal Pariyojna - Rajasthan and MP
C. Vyas Pariyojna - Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
D. Indira Gandhi Canal - Rajasthan and Punjab
Ans: D
16. Chota Nagpur plateau is known for:
A. Skilled workers
B. Minerals
C. Hydraulic Power
D. Fertile Soil
Ans: B
17. State with Highest Minerals exploration is:
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Maharashtra
D. Tamilnadu
18. Tamilnadu-Andhrapradesh coastal area is known as:
A. Coromandel
B. Malabar
C. Konkan
D. North Sarkar
Ans: A
19. Rain during winter in Tamilnadu is because of:
A. Western Vikshob
B. South-West Mansoon
C. North-East Mansoon
D. South-East Mansoon
Ans: C
20. Maximum area of Manipur is:
A. Plain
B. Hill
C. plateau
D. Marsh (DALDAL)
Ans: B
21. Western Himalay is known for:
A. Forest
B. Metalic Minerals
C. Non-Metalic Minerals
D. Atomic Minerals
Ans: A
22. Kapili River is tributary of Following river:
A. Gnga
B. Gandak
C. Kosi
D. Brahmputra
Ans: D
23.  Khari River is part of which River system:
A. Arab Sagar
B. Internal
C. None
D. Bay of Bengal
Ans: A
24.  Sariska and Ranthambore is reserved for which animal:
A. Lion
B. Deer
C. Bear
D. Tiger
Ans: D
25. Which is newest Biosphere reserve of India:
A. Nokrek
B. Dehang Debang
C. Simpilipal
D. Cold Desert
Ans: C
26. Which of following is Not union territory:
A. Tripura
B. Daman and Deu
C. Lakshyadweep
D. Pudducherry
Ans: A
27. Kerala is known in world for:
A. Rubber
B. Sugarcane
D. Rice
Ans: C
28. National park known for Rhino(GENDA):
A. Kaziranga
B. Gir
C. Ranthambore
D. Carbet
Ans: A
29. Mixed Agriculture is:
A. Growing different crops
B. Rabi and Khareef Crops at same time
C. Various Crops with Animal
D. Crops and Vegetables both at same time
30. "MOKA" coffee is produced by:
A. Iraq
B. Brazil
C. Argentina
D. Yaman
Ans: D
31. Which region is known for its Metals in South America:
A. Plateau of Brazil
B. Boliviya Plateau
C. Pentagonia Plateau
D. Oriniko Besin
Ans: A
32. Celebes sea is situated at:
A. Central America
B. South-East Asia
C. Arctic Sea
D. North Sea
Ans: B
33. "KALI MANTAN" is part of:
A. Honsu
B. Borniyo
C. Kyuba
D. Medagaskar
Ans: B
34. Baku is known for which Mineral::
A. Gold
B. Iron
C. Crude Oil
D. Zinc
Ans: C
35. Chilli is know for Mineral:
A. Gold
B. Manganese
C. Nitrate
D. Crude Oil
Ans: C
36. Which statement is correct:
A. India is situated on Western Hemisphere
B.  Caspian Sea is Open sea
C. Rajasthan is situated in Cold desert region
D. North and South Poles are opposite poles
Ans: D
37. Indian Rupees Policy decision is taken by:
Ans: RBI
38. India Import which agri product:
A. Pulses
B. Coffee
C. Sugar
D. Food Oil
Ans: D
39. Which One is different:
Ans: C
40. ICE float over water because of:
Ans: Low density from Water
41. Microscore uses which lens:
Ans: Convex
42. First Organic compound Produced in Laboratory was:
A. Citric Acid
B. Ackzelic Acid
C. Nitric Acid
D. Urea
Ans: D
43. Which is organic Acid:
A. Citric Acid
B. Sulfuric Acid
C. Nitric Acid
D. Sulfuric Acid
Ans: A
44. Petrol Contains:
A. Carbon+ Udajan
45. Carrier of parasite plasmodium:
A. Fly
B. Mosquito
D. Air
Ans: B
46. Color of leave is green because:
Ans: It reflect Green color and absorb other colors
47. Making of Curd from Milk is because of:
A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. Prozoa
D. Other
Ans: B
48. H5N1 influenza is:
A. Goat flu
B. Bird Flu
C. Horse Flu
D. Cow Flu
Ans: B
49. Baby Blue Syndrome is because of:
A. Phasphate
B. Sulphate
C. Carbonate
D. Nitrate
Ans: D
50. Plant on Rocks are called:
Ans: D
51. Collection of preserved plant specimens:
A. Harbarium
B. Sanatorium
C. Planetarium
D. Sabhaghar
Ans: A
52. Which one is known as "Flame of the Forest" is:
A. Butea monosperma
B. Bauhinia variegata
C. Jacaranda mimosifolia
D. Tectona grandis
Ans: A Butea monosperma(PALAS)
53. Which of following is Mammals:
A. Sharka
B. Skiwd
C. Octopus
D. Wheal
Ans: D
54. Ozon Layer save earth from:
Ans: Dangerous Rays from Sun
55. Raman effect is used in:
A. Sun Glasses
B. Space ships
C. Atom Bomb
D. Intelligence devices
Ans: A
56. On July 2010, Which vehicle of ISRO launches 5 Satellite:
Ans: B
57. Highest cattle fair is held in Rajasthan's district:
Ans: Nagaur
58. Which one is wrong:
A. Western rajasthan mostly have salty water lakes
B. Sambhar lake is biggest Salty water lake of India
C. Nakki Lake is deepest lake of Rajasthan
D. Rajsamand Lake is situated 64 km from Udaipur in Udaipur dist..
Ans: D
59. Mewanagar is known for:
A. Parshwanath Jain Temple
D. Dry Fruits
C. For Jeera Production
D. Handicrafts
Ans: A
60. Ganga Canel was constructed in year:
A. 1930
B. 1927
C. 1944
D. 1921
Ans: B
61. New Industrial and Investment Policy 2012 have:
Ans: Non promotions of PPP
62. RIICO recently sighn MOU with which Japani Company:
A. JetrO
B. Hetro
C. Honda Ceol
D. Mitsubhishi
Ans: D
63. 600 Acre land alloted to which car manufacturing company in Khuskhera, Bhiwani:
A. Ford
B. Toyata
C. Honda Ceol
D. Wolkswagon
Ans: C
64. 14 NELB, 1JV, 2 Nomination Blocks are related to:
A. Zypsum
B. Gold
C. Petrol
C. Lignite
Ans: C
65. Rajasthan Govt and railway introduced which tourist train on 11 Jan. 2012:
A. Princely Rajasthan on wheel
B. Royal rajputana on wheel
C. Great Rajputana on wheel
D. Royal Rajasthan on wheel
Ans: D
66. "CHAPPANIYA KA KAL" held in year:
A. 1899-1900
B. 1905-1906
C. 19561958
C. 1888-1889
Ans: A
67. 70 Degree East longitude passes through:
A. Jodhpur
B. Jaisalmer
C. Dholpur
D. Nagaur
Ans: Jaisalmer
68. District spread in North-South Direction is:
A. Jhalawar
B. Bhilwara
C. Chittorgarh
D. Jhunjhunu
Ans: C
69. "CHAPPAN BESIN" is situated at:
A. Alwar
B. Banswara
C. Pali
D. Tonk
Ans: B
70. Desert is spread in Rajastha's total area of:
A. More than 60%
B. Less than 305
C. 40%
D. 50%
Ans: A
71. Minimu air Pressure during May Month is at:
A. Bundi
B. Baran
C. Jaisalmer
D. Rajsamand
72. Famous English Historian during 19th century who wrote about Rajasthan is:
A. Col. James Tod
B. LP Tesitori
C. Jorge Greyrsan
D. Jon Thomas
Ans: A
73. Who repaired the Achalgarh fort::
A, Ratan singh
B. Sanga
C. Kumbha
D. Rajsingh
Ans: C
74. Rajasthan's Historian who is also socialite:
A. Mankaran sharda
B. Harbilas Sharda
C. CK Walteyar
D. Jamanalal Bajaj
Ans: B
75. Which Folk deity has Longest Song:
A. Jeen mata
B. Aae mata
C. Mallinath Ji
D. Ramdev Ji
76. Which King of Rajasthan contributed for Banaras Hindu Universtiy:
A. Fateh singh
B. Ummed singh
C. Mansingh -II
D. Ganga singh
Ans: D
77. RAPRAMUKH of rajasthan on 25 march 1948 was appointed:
A. Dholpur king
B. Karauli King
C. Kota King
D. Sirohi King
78. First Corporate Samiti in 1905 in rajasthan was formed at:
A. Bhinai, Ajmer
B. Jawala, Nagaur
C, Gulabpura, Bhilwara
D. Bassi, Jaipur
Ans: A
79. As per 2003 records, District with Highest Density and Animals is:
A. 144, Dungarpur
B. 150 Barmer
C. 160, Bikaner
D. 165, Bharatpur
Ans: A
80. National Ayourvedic Institute is situated at:
A, Jaipur
B, Jodhpur
C. Udaipur
D. Kota
Ans: A
81. Dhaman, Karad and Anjan is:
A. type of sheep
B. Singer of Gawari dance
C. Type of grass
D. Type of seeds
Ans: C
82. Bank of Rajasthan was merged into:
Ans: B
83. Kehrani of Bhiwari was in news because of:
A. Scent Gobin Glass factory
B. Divya Pharmesy
C. Toyota Motors
D. Honda Ceol
Ans: A
84. Which country has highest loan from world bank after India:
A. South Africa
B. Brazil
C. Iran
D. Maxico
Ans: D
85. CM of Karnataka is:
A. BS Yedurappa
B. SM Krishna
D. Devegoda
D. Rohiyah
Ans: A
87. During 2010, Naga students protest which state is highest affected:
A. Nagaland
B. Manipur
C. Arunachal Pradesh
D. Mijoram
Ans: B
88. Who is secretary of Ministeries:
A. JK Pillai
B. Chandrashekar
C. T Shrinivasan
D. Madhukar Gupta
89. Who appointed Jharkhand CM in sept. 2010
A. Shibu Soren
B. Arjun Munda
C. Subodh kant sahay
D. Madhu koda
Ans: B
90. Who is chaiman of CII
A. Rahul Bajaj
B, M Dalmiya
C. Hari Bhartiya
D. Sunil Mittal
Ans: C
91. MNC Posco want to invest Rs. 52000 Crore in:
A. Chhattisgarh
B. Jharkhand
C. West bengal
D. Orrisa
Ans: D
92. G8 Muskoka is related to:
A. International Terrorism
B. Maternal and Child health
C. International Clash
D. Greenhouse gases
Ans; B
93. ST category belongs to:
A. Hindu
B. No limited to religions
C. Hindu and Christians
D. Hindu and Muslims
Ans: C
94. Writer of "One night @ Call center":
A. Anurag mathur
B. Vikram seth
C. Lahidi
D. Chetan Bhagat
Ans: D
95. Maradona belongs to:
A. Argentina
B. Brazil
C. Spain
D. Italy
Ans: A
96. PM of UK is:
A. Tony Bleyar
B. Gardon brown
C. David camron
D. David Miliband
Ans: C
97. President of Iran is:
A. M Khomeni
B. E Mousavi
C. M. Ahmedenejad
D. S. Chisti
Ans: C
98. Which country is not part of SAARC:
A. Afganistan
B. Bhutan
C. Maldiv
D. Mayanmar
Ans: d
99. Headquarter of CAIRN energy is situated at:
A. Scotland
B. South Coria
C. Brazil
Ans: A
100. "Graveyard of dinosaurs" is:
A. China
B. Montana
C. Argentina
D. Brazil
Ans: B